Emotional Healing Through Intentional Relationship


I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist Associate in the state of Washington.  I am a life-long student of psychology with a love for photography, classic literature, Sci-Fi, and jumping into cold water.  I first became intrigued by psychology and the human experience by reading authors like Dostoyevsky and trying to get along with my roommates.  My more recent (and official) training has been in Psychodynamic and Relational theories of psychology at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology where I earned my Master’s degree in 2015.  

While some therapies focus on thoughts and behaviors, I approach the work by looking toward the depth of personhood: what motivates you; where do you find meaning in life; how have your relationships with family and significant others shaped who you are?  I look at my therapeutic practice as a space in which I can live out my belief that relationship is a deep resource for healing even as it a place of wounding for many of us.  I offer a space where pain can be brought and comfort can be found in the presence of another.